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Lori Mahoney is a professional cake designer specializing novelty cakes. Her career started with an early love of the arts which combined with her love of baking, created a passion for cake design.


Lori is an award winning artist whose unique designs are known for impeccable clean details and artistry. Lori's designs have been featured in countless magazines, publications and online blogs.


In 2019, she was awarded with the prestigious Cake Master's Magazine top 10 Cake Decorator of the USA .


In 2020, Lori received the honor of being recognized from America's Cake Awards as one of the Top 8 Cake Artists.


In 2023, Lori received the honor of being recognized from Americ's Cake Awards as one of the Top 6 Cake Artists.



At Lori's Custom Cakes I am committed to using only the finest and freshest ingredients in everything I make. You can count on me to bring you the very best in baked goods.


If it's a custom creation you need, I will work closely with you in the planning process to come up with a design that combines quality and creativity. 


Why are Custom Cakes so costly?


The materials and ingredients can be expensive. If you consider the costs of boards between tiers, board coverings, dowels as well as the costs of fondant, cake ingredients, and the most important and often undervalued - time itself.


There can be hours of preparation that go into the cake well before you see the finished product - materials, creating icings, setting up boards etc. If you want an elaborate design I would suggest you inquire a month in advance.  I can honestly say if I charged per hour I wouldn't sell one cake, I love what I do and put my whole heart into it.


Duplicating cakes -


Every cake designer has their own style.  I will do my best to duplicate a cake to the best of my ability but you must understand everyone has their own touch and skill level.


PLEASE inquire directly if you have any questions. 


Thank you!


Lori Mahoney


lori@loriscustomcakes.com   ~   (619) 757-8797


Looking for a great product?  Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate is one of my favorite mediums to work with in sculpting cake figures and decoratingcookies.

Some of my favorite cake molds for designs from Marvelous Molds.

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