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  • Isabel C. (Wednesday, December 12 18 10:37 pm EST)

    Lori, thank you so much for the cakes! They were sooo pretty and everyone loved them. Hope you do business with you again. Thank you once again for making this possible 😊

  • Angela (Tuesday, November 27 18 01:28 pm EST)

    Hi Lori,
    I just want to thank you again for that amazing cake. So darling and very delicious. Everyone went crazy over it. You're wonderful.

  • Trish Toxler (Tuesday, November 20 18 01:46 pm EST)

    I can't thank you enough for the most amazing cake ever. Not only did it look great, it was delicicous...Nobody believed it was an actual cake it was so perfect. Myself and a few others from our party will definetly use you again. Next time, stay and enjoy the Jack!

  • Amelia Jones (Sunday, November 04 18 02:45 pm EST)

    Thank you for making my birthday so special. That cake was not only stunning visually but the best cake I have ever had! I may just make up birthdays to have another one ;).

  • K.Haskett (Friday, November 02 18 01:30 am EDT)

    I wish you could have seen his face when I showed him! It made the party for sure. Amazed by your talent as akways :).

  • Paige S. (Wednesday, September 26 18 11:02 am EDT)

    Lori is amazing! I procrastinated on getting a baker for my wedding cake until about two weeks before (also had to move the date up) so I was panicking! I sent messages to 3 bakers and she was the only one to reply- and within 24 hours!! It was one of the few things that went smooth that day. And I got to eat amazing cake for a week after! Thank you Lori!!!

  • Heather (Thursday, September 13 18 04:06 pm EDT)

    Thank you Lori, the baby shower cake turned out beautiful. Thank you again.

  • Jose Rodriguez (Wednesday, August 15 18 06:39 pm EDT)

    Lori, thanks again for the cake. We got tons of compliments on the design and taste. My wife was super happy. We'll definitely refer you to friends and family.

  • Nada (Wednesday, August 01 18 03:09 pm EDT)

    Your hands are blessed! Thank you for another amazing cake!

  • Nathaniel Greenberg (Sunday, July 29 18 04:58 pm EDT)

    Thank you very much for the cake it was amazing and delicious def going to use you for parties and recommend you to my friends thank you again :)

  • Shelly Goins (Sunday, June 17 18 09:25 am EDT)

    The guests and the guest of honor were blown away by the cake. People kept telling me that they didn't know it was a cake! They thought it was a piece of art, which it was! Thank you for making my friend's party EXTRAordinary!

  • Ron & Patti (Saturday, June 02 18 05:25 pm EDT)

    We can’t say enough good things about the wedding cake Lori made for us on short notice and it was all accomplished through email. She came up with a great design and added our special requests. The cake was AMAZING!!!!! Luckily we took pictures because we forgot to look for the hidden Mickey. Thanks for making it weddingie ;)

  • Nicole (Thursday, May 31 18 12:02 am EDT)

    Hi Lori, the cake was perfect! He loved it and the kids ate it all up! Thank You so much!

  • Maria (Friday, May 18 18 03:52 pm EDT)

    Hi Lori. I just wanted to tell you that he absolutely looooved the cake and everyone who tasted it said it was delicious! Thanks so much!!

  • Jona Valerio (Wednesday, May 16 18 06:48 pm EDT)


    Thank you for the awesome Hawaiian Charlie Brown cake for my partner. Everyone was so impressed of the cake design execution and how great the cake tasted and moist!!

    Highly recommend her for hire!!

    Thank you again!
    - Jona

  • Kaite (Monday, April 30 18 11:54 am EDT)

    Hi Lori-

    I wanted to thank you for the beautiful cake you did for our son's birhtday yesterday. I was so sorry I didn't have a chance to meet you when you dropped the cake off. It was simply amazing and I was speechless when I saw it. The guests raved about how delicious and moist the cake was, and it was honestly the best cake we've ever had.

    We hope to use you again in the future.

    Thank you again for your time and talent!


  • Ranette (Sunday, April 15 18 02:37 pm EDT)

    Hi Ms Lori,

    I just wanted to thank you for the cakes, they were amazing!!!

  • Cris (Tuesday, April 03 18 09:33 am EDT)

    Lori, thank you so much for the phenomenal retirement cake. I was absolutely elated with the final product. It was the highlight of the party and I received so many compliments. I gave out your name and even showed your website. Not only was your cake very pleasing to the eye, it was also very delicious. It was moist, not too sweet and just melts in your mouth. I must say, you made this girl’s day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart on how much love, time and hard work you put into making my retirement cake a memorable one! As I write this message, my husband is downstairs getting another piece. He loves it as do all my kids. Thank you again!

  • Amber Donahue (Thursday, March 08 18 11:06 pm EST)

    Everyone loved the cake, so impressed. It was delicious thank you.

  • Caroline Dunn (Sunday, January 21 18 03:26 pm EST)

    Amazing! The most detailed cookies and cake, pictures do not do these justuce! Thank you for making the event beautiful.. and yummy!

  • Edna DeMarco (Sunday, January 14 18 09:52 pm EST)

    I cannot thank you enough Lori, you are so creative. You can took my idea and made it better than anything I could have imagined. Your work is flawless, simply flawless. Cant wait for the next one :).

  • Nandi (Thursday, December 14 17 02:47 pm EST)

    I live out of state and needed a cake made for my little boy's birthday while I was in town. The cake was not only PERFECT and exactly what I asked for, it tastes so good. Lori was very good with keeping in touch with me and conveniently met with me to deliver the cake. If I am ever in town and in need of a beautiful affordable cake I will 100% be coming to you Lori. Thank YOU!

  • Katherine (Sunday, November 12 17 01:09 am EST)

    This is my third cake and I always think there is noway she can outdo herself, and yet she always does. Certainly keeps me coming back! As always AMAZING creations! Your cakes are ART! Yummy ART!

  • Jonathan (Monday, November 06 17 09:26 pm EST)

    The cake was amazing I cannot get over the details!

  • Lindsay (Thursday, September 07 17 10:47 am EDT)

    Another delicious and fantastic cake for the boys! Thank you so much Lori!

  • Detgen Greeff (Thursday, August 31 17 08:34 am EDT)

    The pizza "cake" was a big hit. People didn't believe it was a cake!

  • Megan (Monday, August 28 17 11:25 pm EDT)

    The cake was SO good!! Everyone could not stop talking about how great it looked and tasted! Thank you so much 😊

  • Christine Ferrer (Sunday, July 30 17 01:42 pm EDT)

    Thank you Lori for the beautiful and sumptuous cake. You delivered the most amazing cake I've ever seen. You exceeded all my expectations and would love to have more of your cakes very soon. The lemon 🍋 & chocolate 🍫 raspberry flavors equally satisfied our guests. All love ❤️ for you & your work. Have a great day & God bless you Lori!

  • Jill (Friday, July 28 17 11:23 am EDT)

    Lori did a cake and cupcakes for my husbands ceremony. Amazing customer service, such a kind and wonderful woman. Everything looked beautiful, and tasted wonderful! We will definitely use her again. Thank you Lori for helping make this day special with your amazing talent!

  • Jill Hefley (Saturday, July 22 17 09:34 am EDT)

    Lori- the cake and cupcakes were AMAZING!!! We can't thank you enough for your hard work, and how great everything turned out. I gave your info to about 20 people, they were extremely impressed with your attention to detail and they all loved the taste.

  • Katherine Haskett (Thursday, July 20 17 02:16 pm EDT)

    I wanted to let you know my friend absolutely LOVED her cake! It was exactly what she never knew she needed for her 30th birthday celebration. She took a zillion pictures with it and couldn’t get over how amazing it was (neither could I)! It was such a hit, and everyone raved about the flavor and how good it was all weekend! We especially loved the chunks of peanut butter cup in the frosting - we ate cake with every meal, even breakfast! :)

    Thank you so much for making a one-of-a-kind cake that beyond exceeded my expectations! You are so incredibly talented and I am so excited to continue working with you for all my special occasions!

  • Anastashia K. (Monday, July 10 17 04:11 am EDT)

    Omg the cake was AMAZING!! .It tasted so delicious too!!!!

  • Tamara Hemerly (Tuesday, July 04 17 03:56 pm EDT)

    Lori you are a genius! John loved it and our guests were super impressed! Thank you so much- IT MADE THE PARTY?

  • Beth Everett (Tuesday, April 18 17 12:11 am EDT)

    I still cant believe it was a cake. It was painful to cut into such art but when I did wow it just tasted as amazing as it looked. Thank you again Miss Lori you are a true gem.

  • Tiffany Connors (Monday, March 27 17 01:35 pm EDT)

    When Lori arrived with the cake, I could not pick my jaw up off the floor. I gave her an idea and chose to let her just let her run with the design and wow I am so glad I did. Way better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Recommend 100%!

  • Regina (Sunday, March 19 17 11:33 am EDT)

    Just wanted to thank you and let you know that the cake was a HUGE hit! Thank you for making it so perfect!

  • Kristi Allardyce (Thursday, February 16 17 07:46 am EST)

    Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job with my daughter's cake. It was gorgeous and it tasted heavenly. Your attention to detail is amazing. I will recommend you to all my friends

  • Carrie Barton-Blunt (Tuesday, January 24 17 06:56 pm EST)

    Best cake I have ever had in my life!! Thank you for being so sweet and so amazing!!!!! The. Are was not only beautiful but a work of art:) Lori is gifted and so creative!!!! Would recommend to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

  • Karen (Monday, December 19 16 04:55 pm EST)

    Your cake was a hit! Tasted as good as it looked!

  • Sabrin Tores (Tuesday, December 13 16 11:24 pm EST)

    Thank you so much Lori the cake was amazing!

  • Unique (Monday, November 07 16 05:47 pm EST)

    The cake was absolutely phenomenal. The detailing was extremely precise and it literally had everything I asked for. The perfect color the perfect size the perfect flavor it almost hurt to cut and share it. Not to mention this was the best service I have received in a very long time .

    I highly recommend Lori's custom cakes definitely 5 star quality . Speaking as a satisfied customer. Thank you so much Lori.

  • Aven (Monday, September 26 16 09:39 am EDT)

    A enormous THANK YOU to the fabulous cake artist Lori of Lori's Custom Cakes in San Diego.
    Lori created a perfectly beautiful and delicious cake that she delivered for us as a family gift, to our daughter Arielle now living in San Diego.

    I recommend Lori 1000% to anyone needing professional service and outstanding cakes for any occasion!

    Thanks again Lori!

  • Lindsay (Monday, September 05 16 04:09 pm EDT)

    Your cake was beyond a hit! The guests were so impressed with your creativity and details. In addition everyone raved about the taste! Thank you for making our sons birthday so special! You are

  • Cathy (Wednesday, August 24 16 06:09 pm EDT)

    I was just bragging at work today how delicious your cakes are! Literally was telling everyone that my cake was beautiful AND delicious! YUM!!

  • Mi-Ocean Rice (Wednesday, August 24 16 06:08 pm EDT)

    The most professional experience AND the cake was GORGEOUS! My daughter was in complete awe of her Peppa Pig cake, she personally escorted all of her guests to see it. And yes I hugged Lori for
    putting the icing on the cake for my daughters party .

  • Greatchen (Tuesday, July 12 16 10:35 pm EDT)

    As always...The cake was super yummy!! Thank you again!!!!

  • Angela (Sunday, June 05 16 02:01 pm EDT)

    She loved the cake! The whole restaurant loved the cake. It was so amazing even down to the lace on the 22 :) Thank you so much!

  • Liz (Thursday, April 28 16 04:33 pm EDT)

    The cake was AMAZING, Lori. Oh my goodness. To die for. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Fred Z. (Wednesday, March 23 16 04:06 pm EDT)

    One of the most amazing looking and tasting cakes I have ever had!

  • Kimberly Mai (Friday, November 20 15 07:32 pm EST)

    I absolutely love mycake!!! You have an amazing talent! Thanks so much again.

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